Small Packages Big Health Surprises: Kerala Spices

India, the tang of spices, Kerala, the seasoning land of India, is known all around for its rich flavoured spices. With unlimited diversity of spices and distinguished tang, the land has earned respect worldwide. The spices of Kerala stand unmatched in terms of relish tang and natural health benefits as well. It is the right tickling to the taste buds for enjoying the flavours, and the body enjoys the health benefits. The relinquishing product provides the benefit of phytochemicals, and the science proves that the powerful inhibition of tissue damage is supported by the appropriate consumption of these spices. Even these rich in tangy antioxidant spices are believed to control the swelling caused as a result of the highest diabetics and fatty acid dallas cowboys
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The spices are low in calories, and the cheap price makes them reliable antioxidants and bioactive diet essentials. The phenol content of the spices helps the formation of appropriate combination amalgam to control that damage due to diseases of metabolism. These spices and the aroma and flavour are preserved well to maintain the top quality of the same.

Benefits of Kerala spices

Besides the aroma, flavours, and taste, the antioxidants-rich Kerala seasonings have proved to be the immunity busters and exotic. The health benefits of these spices are numerous and cannot be given in words. Here, some of the important spices are mentioned with their respective benefits.

  • Spices like vanilla, nutmeg, clove, cardamom, ginger, pepper, leafy herbs, curry leaves, etc., are the distinctive features of the Kerala land.
  • Oil extraction from oilseeds such as clove, mustard, cinnamon, vanilla, and others have been the favourite of every place.
  • Even the phenolic content present in parsley has been a proven fighter and immunity booster in diseases like cancer, and all of us would agree that spices taste and work better than health supplements.
  • The flavouring agents in the form of spices surely don’t add up calories/fat to your diet. Instead, they add a willingness to consume to your mind.
  • Black pepper is a blessing of nature that helps you boost up your metabolism. The dried seeds of the same act as a digestive booster and an expectorant that regulates the weight measurement and an effective cough remedy.
  • An ultimate spice in the form of cardamom is the lifeline in various cuisines. The aroma, taste and flavours of the same act magical in the case of BP patients as well as controller of appetite acidity. Being a potassium-rich stimulant, it even stimulates digestive flatulence.
  • Since grand moms’ time, clove has been rated as a toothache remedy. This is even a natural aesthetic medicine for vomiting, stomach problems etc.
  • Cinnamon sticks, if present in the food, cannot escape unnoticed due to their strong aroma and magic. The spice is a controller of cholesterol and also stimulates the refrainment of fat accumulation in the body.

The Kerala spice garden offers a mineral-rich collection that enriches the bodies with calcium, manganese, iron, zinc, vitamin A as well as vitamin B Complex, etc. Like nutmeg is believed to be a great option in case of inflammation and sprains. Health wellness provided by the spices and respective oils is known worldwide. The medicinal benefits are generated by the appropriate quantity of spices.


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