Month: September 2021

Star anise

The Miraculous health benefits of Kerala Spices

The seasonings to all our delicacies are endowed in God’s own land, Kerala or also called the spice garden of India! Seasonings cultivated in Kerala have a key function in health improvements in addition to their inherent charm to the tastes of the food. No coincidence, most of the home medicines involve these spices. Let’s take […]

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Bay Leaf/ Tej Patta

Reasons to incorporate Bay Leaf – Essential Indian Spice in all your meals

Be it biryani or curries or any other Indian foods, they are all found with a nutrient-dense herb, made of vitamin A and C coupled with folic acid and other minerals; yes, it is none other than the Bay leaf we are talking about. We all know bay leaves for their powerful flavour, and you […]

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