Here Are Some Fail-Proof Tips on How to Prevent Your Spices from Getting Spoilt During Monsoons

Who doesn’t love the rainy season? But when the monsoon arrives, it brings along with it certain challenges for homemakers. Since there is a lot of moisture in the atmosphere during this season, the chances of food getting spoilt are higher. And hence, storage of food becomes a challenge. While it’s alright to have a pack of chips turn soggy, it’s just not ok to see spices getting spoilt. To keep food protected from humidity during the monsoon season, you need to follow certain tips and tricks. Check out these amazing tips on monsoon spice care, and your spices will never get spoilt-nike air max 97 mens
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  • To make sure your spices stay crisp and dry during the monsoon season, store them in airtight containers. To make sure any excess moisture in your containers gets eliminated, you can put uncooked rice in it. Rice grains will absorb any excess moisture in the jars and will keep your spices fresh. No matter what spice you want to protect from ants, you can do so by putting a few cloves in the jars. Cloves repel insects (another menace to leave you worried during monsoons).
  • If you are not too worried about losing a little bit of the aromatic essence present in your spices, you can dry roast them a little before storing them.
  • It’s only occasionally that you see the sun during the monsoon season, but whenever you do, make sure to keep your spices out in the sun. This will not just help spices retain their freshness but will also remove fungus from them in case they have caught any. And when you sun-dry spices, spread them evenly over a paper so that all the spices receive an equal amount of sun.
  • Storing your spices properly can also protect them from absorbing moisture. The best way to store spices is to keep them in cool and dry cabinets. By keeping your spices away from light, heat, air, and moisture, you will offer them a long life.
  • It’s hard to really find out how moisture enters into your tightly sealed spice jars. But that might happen occasionally. And that is why you will have to be extremely careful while handling your spices. Never use your wet hands to take out spices from the jars. Also, if you are using a spoon, make sure it’s completely dry. Don’t rush and pick up a random spoon to get out your spices; take a second and examine the spoon for any water on it.
  • If you are buying spices during the monsoon season, it’s advisable that you buy in small quantities. That way, you won’t lose a lot of money even if your spices get spoilt.

Aren’t these some really important tips on how to do spice care in monsoon? Remember, no matter where you procure your spices from, they might get spoilt during this season. So, there is no point getting your spices right from a Kerala spice garden and failing to offer them the necessary care. So, if you love your spices, then following the above tips- will prove extremely helpful for you.

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