Cashew Nuts


The most important quality of a cashew nut is its taste. Our cashews are grown in Kollam, a coastal region in Kerala also known as the cashew capital of the world. In terms of taste, the Kollam cashews are unrivalled.

The second important quality is the size of the nut, which is measured as number of kernels per pound. Our cashews are in the 320 category, which is best described as medium size. There is often no significant difference in taste between larger and smaller cashews.

The third factor is whether the cashew are white or scorched, where white cashews are perceived to be of higher quality. Our cashews are white.

Finally, there is a distinction between whole and broken cashews. Our cashews are whole.

Growing area

It is becoming increasingly popular among dealers to import cheap, low quality and taste-free cashews from Africa. It is not our approach, and we always only stock cashews grown in Kollam.

Storage and shelf life

Store in the refrigerator in a tightly sealed container for a maximum shelf life of 6 months.


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