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Spicekada.in is an Indian online spice shop with base in the main spice growing area in India, the Cardamom Hills in the Western Ghats mountain range in Kerala. In our location, just south of the famous hill station, Munnar, the climatic conditions are perfect for spice growing, almost perfect for tea growing, and the coffee is quite happy too. In short, we are blessed with conditions that are beneficial for growing the products we are promoting, and with some foot work thrown in, to find the best of the best, we think we have managed to create a collection of products, from a variety of farmers, that are of the highest quality.

In addition, the infamous middleman has been virtually eliminated because, with a few exceptions, all our products are sourced locally and directly from the farmers who grow the produce. At the moment, our main spice products are cardamom, black pepper, clove, Ceylon cinnamon, cinnamon cassia, nutmeg, mace and vanilla. We have both Coffee Arabica and Coffee Robusta in the shape of roasted and raw beans. And we sell very good qualities of black tea, broken orange pekoe tea, green tea and tea masala powder. Finally, we are offering cocoa nibs, cashew nuts, cold pressed coconut oil, sesame oil and peanut oil.

We accept almost any electronic payment method, we pack the produce in food grade bags or jars, and ship using your preferred courier within a couple of days of receiving your order. So, if you are looking to buy spices online, why not give us a try?

Our Products

Want to try the premium quality spices to add flavor, aroma, and taste to your favorite meals? You are rolling over the right page, as SpiceKada.inis the Best Place To Buy Kerala Spices in India. We offer the refined and purest spices with the best offers and rates. Our natural range of spices includes bay leaf, black cardamom, black pepper, green cardamom, cinnamon cassia (bark and sticks), cloves, and more.
SpiceKada.in, ensures its customers with easy Organic Kerala Spices Online Shopping efficiency, making your dishes delicious. Our hand-picked, high-quality spices will intact your food's natural aroma and flavor, adding health and happiness with great taste.
We have created a one-stop platform to purchase a range of agro-based products like spices, oils, coffee, and tea. All our products are exceptionally and directly picked from farmers/growers. Thus risk on quality is zero. SpiceKada.in ensures customer satisfaction on quality and convenience on purchase.
End your search to Buy Coffee Online in India or to Buy Munnar Spices Online with the best quality with us. We offer multiple and electronic payment gateways to our customers for seamless purchasing of the products. In addition, we offer high-quality food-grade packing in jars and bags and bring doorstep courier service.
If you haven’t yet tried or order with us, then enjoy our high-quality spices, oils, and other products as we are the recognized Online Spices Store in Kerala.

Why Choose SpiceKada.in?

Do you know how adulterated the market of agro-based products is? Thus, SpiceKada.in is the trustworthy and Best Place To Buy Kerala Spices Online in India. We do care for your health, thus never negotiate on quality and packing measures. We are even suppliers of quality coffee grains, green tea, coffee powder, masala tea, and various cold-pressed oils.

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We are certified sellers for customers to Buy Best Quality Spices from Kerala Online. Moreover also deals with export quality coffee, tea, and oils. We do care for customers thus deliver hand-picked agro-based products collected directly from the farm. The goodness and freshness of our spices, oils, tea, and coffee guarantee you purity that is packed with natural flavors and aroma.
1. Farm Fresh: We care for spices freshness to deliver the best to our customers. Our hand-picked spices are well cared for and packed to assure you with high quality in taste, aroma, and flavour.
2. Incredible Choice of Products: Yes, we offer our customers a choice of products in spices, oils, tea, and coffee. Thus making it the perfect online store for multiple farm products.
3. Freshly Processed: We preserve the natural freshness in every product of us. Our high-quality processing and packing will give no risk in demand to meet pleasing aroma and flavor.
4. Timely Delivery: We assure our customers of responsive and timely delivery over the purchased products. Order online and get doorstep home delivery for farm-picked spices, oils, tea, coffee beans, etc.

Our Best Product Range Offers You With:

1. 100 % Natural and Organic Spices: Spices in Indian cuisines have their importance, and SpiceKada meets that level. Buy Best Spices in Kerala Online with us and make your dishes more mouth-melting. We ensure you with fresh and high-quality raw spices to lock flavour and aroma within great purity.
2. 100% Flavoured And Fresh Tea and Coffee: Hot beverages in India do fascinate everyone. We offer high-quality fresh tea leaves for tea enthusiasts. Taste freshness and natural aroma in every sip of your tea. To Buy Coffee Online in India, we are best to serve you. Indulge your taste buds and mood with our refreshing coffee beans and powder.
3. 100% Cold Pressed Oils: SpiceKada is the best online store to buy purest and exotic oils. We assure our customers with 100% cold-pressed coconut oil with no added chemicals, preservatives, and color. Customers can even go for amazing flavour and finely natural sesame and peanut oil. Good health and healing come from bonafide cold-pressed oils we offer to our customers.